Art Space & Outreach

Lake Country Graphics is concerned with a lot more than offering affordable artist workspace. Engaging artists and asking them to serve as community educators, the community and cultural landscape is changing for the better. It's well known that a community's health and overall standing goes hand-in-hand with the art it produces.

Community Programs

Being a part of the community means a great deal. The studio and the artists pay it forward by hosting programs and events that get people of all ages involved, participating and learning about art.

Art Education

Promoting and supporting creative ventures and art programs is a way Lake Country Graphics engages the community youth. The education studio is free and offers access to students and teachers. There is nothing quite like art exposure.

We work pretty hard here in the North Georgia Mountains to provide great art and great service, always willing to come by your shop and work with you, create great art, using your ideas or ours, again never a charge for art or screens, nothing gets printed until you have seen and approved the art.. we offer (almost) every color, brand and style of shirt that is available to the public at the best price possible.. So shop around if you must but this should be your choice of art, design and price.. We deliver..